Embed from Observable to Medium

Medium is a great platform for publishing articles.

Observable is a great platform for quickly prototyping ideas and making dynamic and interactive content.

Recently, it became possible to embed content from Observable to the Medium. I can’t say how happy I am with this.

Let’s see how we can embed dynamic content from Observable to Medium.

Step 1. Give your cell a name on Observable

Step 2. Copy embed URL

Step 3. Add embed on Medium

The final result is here. It’s fully interactive, you can zoom in, out, expand, collapse nodes, and pan tree around.

The one limitation I found is that we can’t embed viewof cells (like range sliders). One workaround we can do is to embed multiple cells into the Observable itself:

And then embed that cell into Medium

As you can see, this way controls work, but we got the second frame which is not ideal.

Overall, this embed feature is great. We can do very powerful things with it, I already have some exciting ideas for future articles.

Thanks for reading :)